Luke: Well, you got to find your own way back. You’re not using the Grimaldi jet.
Reid: Big shock. You didn’t get what you wanted from me. Now you’re taking your toys, and you’re going home. Have a nice life.

— Luke and Reid

Episode LiveBlog | 9 September 2010

9.29pm GMT/4.29pm EDT

Part 1, courtesy of ADL:

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7.47pm GMT/2.47pm EDT

Luke walking at the pond. Noah catching up. Lily and Holden arrive (clearly they have teleported back from Brooklyn because it’s still daylight). Luke is holding the lamest cardboard box I’ve ever seen (looks like something you’d get an Amazon shipment in). Really, props, really? At least on GL they had a wooden box – couldn’t they have recycled it for this scene?

Luke: Thank you for coming – all of you.

Lily: Are you ready for this?

Luke: No. These are Reid’s ashes. Most of them anyways. The rest of them, they’ll be part of the new neuro wing itself….Reid…

Noah puts a hand on Luke’s shoulder.

Luke: Reid hated Memorial Hospital more than just about anything. Really? What happened to the fine institution? But when he talked about that new wing, it was like his baby. He dedicated himself to that wing…Now he’s going to be there forever, supervising everything and I think he’d like that. I think he’d demand it actually. Luke manages an awkward chuckle. But the rest of him is gonna be here at the pond. With me. Luke looks down at his lame box and takes a deep breath. We’re finally going to get that swim. Luke tips the box in the pond. At some point (don’t remember when, he digs into his pocket and finds the chess piece).


Chris: So it’s official?

Bob: The name on the new wing will be in honor of Reid Oliver….There’s something else – Luke has asked that Reid’s ashes be placed under the cornerstone.

Chris: I’ve lived a charmed life. Indeed, it must be nice to be the EP and head writer’s favorite.


Lily: Reid was lucky to have you as a friend.

Luke: We were both lucky. I miss him, mom.

Lily: I know. Are you ready to go?

Luke looks out over the pond: Goodbye, Reid. I could have used an ILY here. 🙁

Sorry this section is a little sparse – I have a whiny toddler grabbing my hand so I’m typing with one hand.

Previews for next week: CarJack wedding, John ordering a paternity test, Janet goes into labor.

7.40pm GMT/2.40pm EDT

John offers to help Lucinda heal things with Lily. I think John just declared his undying love for Lucinda. ?


Angus: So, this son of yours, Luke? He must be a pretty special kid because I’ll  tell you that Reid was not easy to love.

Lilden, laughing: They definitely kept each other on their toes.

Angus: That’s the only way to make the game worthwhile.  What do I need to do?

Holden: Just need you to sign at the bottom. Angus signs.

Angus: You two came out pretty well yourselves. Now maybe you people will leave me alone….you don’t know much about chess do you? See this – this was the knight that my nephew was about to move at that last tournament before he walked away.

Lilden: You carry it around?

Angus: This piece has a little history. Back when Reid was about 8 or 9, he made a stupid boneheaded move and it cost him the game….I gave him hell so I took this knight and pressed it into his sweaty little hand until he felt the pain – I told him, ‘it’s sharp and it stings and sometimes it leaves a mark that doesn’t go away so fast.  That’s what it feels like to lose.’

Lilden: What did Reid do?

Angus: He won the next 45 matches. Angus chuckles. Year later, long after he quit chess, I got this in the mail from him along with a note that said…. Angus chokes up. I graduated from medical school. Check mate….I’ve kept this in my pocket ever since to remind me of what it feels like to fail. Here. You give that to your son.

Lily: Luke has had plenty of reminders of failure.

Angus (just barely not saying “you dope!”): Not for that – it’s to remind him of Reid. I guess in the end, he didn’t fail at all.

Holden and Angus shake. Angus: It’s your move now.


Noah has a friendly hand on Luke’s shoulder. They’re a mile and a half apart. Definitely NOT romantic.

Luke: I’m sorry.

Noah: Don’t be sorry for anything.

Luke: Anything?

Noah: Luke, it’s okay. Really, all of it.

Luke: Don’t you have a plane to catch?

Noah: I’ll get another one. Luke looks a little grateful.

He give Luke a gentle rub/pat on the shoulder. Again NOT romantic.


Katie snuggling with Chris.

Will I be eating junk food and acting like a horse’s ass?

They talk about dancing, doing more things….

Chris: Still ticking…

Katie: Know what I want to do?

Chris: Besides dancing, and having kids and building swingsets?

Katie: I want to spend the rest of my life falling asleep to the sound of this beautiful beating heart. Sigh.

Commercial break.

7.24pm GMT/2.24pm EDT

Chris: How could this have been Reid’s idea – he was hit by a train and was dead.

Bob explains: He insisted that Tom draw up the legal papers.


Luke, clearly losing it and lashing out: I’ll tell you what a hero is – a hero is someone who shows people what to do who leads by example. Reid was the opposite. He didn’t use an ounce of his brain when it mattered the most. What good is being smart when it can’t see the difference between __ and danger

If he had just thought – I can wait 30 seconds and then I can go to Bay City and get that heart. But no, he thought he could do everything because he was so damn smart. A real hero wouldn’t have gotten himself killed. Jeez, Van Hansis is killing me. AGAIN.

Noah hugs Luke.


Holden: You said he could have been a brilliant chess player. He was a brilliant surgeon. Medicine was his whole life, before he met Luke…Not only was he a world-class surgeon, he died a better man…..Right before he died – Reid saw to it that a colleague got his heart…it was the ultimate act of generosity.

Angus: This was my nephew’s idea? How’s the guy with his heart.

Lilden: Luke really changed Reid’s world…Brought a whole new experience to him….Love. It really can do wonders.

Holden: Sir, we’re asking you to let our son put Reid to rest…After what he did, I think it’s the right thing to do.


John and Lucinda. John: Reid Oliver was in love with your grandson, right?

Lucinda (shouting!): What the hell does Reid Oliver have to do with anything?

John: When things really counted, this arrogant self-centererd man acted out of compassion.…he will be remembered for what he gave rather than what he took away.

They’re really going overboard on the “Reid’s death impacts all of Oakdale.” Not that he doesn’t deserve it, but really, did these people give a flying fig about Reid a week ago?


Katie comes in and the hospital room door slams/clicks shut.

Chris: Whenever I hear that sound, I think of Reid.

Katie: This is what Reid wanted.

Chris: Knowing that every breath I take it’s thanks to him?

Katie: Is that so terrible?….Living?

Chris: That’s not what I meant.

Rooftop Katie: Oh poor put-upon Chris – I could strangle you right now. Couldn’t we all?!

Chris, joking: Then you’ll undo all of John’s work.

Rooftop Katie: You owe Reid joy…otherwise you might as well be dead, so suck it up, Hughes.

Chris looks ready to salute (no with his hand).

Commercial break.

7.14pm GMT/2.14pm EDT

Angus: Who the hell is Luke?

Holden: Luke loved Reid and Reid loved Luke.

Angus: Wait a minute, what’s all this love stuff?

Holden and Lily hem and haw that it’s pretty obvious.

Angus: Maybe to people from Oaktown or wherever the hell you’re from (OMG they’re actually making me laugh!)

Holden: Maybe we should spell it out for you. Reid and Luke were in love with each other. Angus looks flabbergasted.


Meanwhile, back at the pond. 

Luke: I keep thinking of all the things that Reid and I never got to do together.

Noah: Okay?

Luke: You can still go

Noah: No, it’s fine. I want to hear it, if you had a list – what would be at the top of the things you didn’t do with Reid, but didn’t OMG I laughed out loud again. DUH! Noah, you SO didn’t want to ask that!

Luke: Well m I wouldn’t say it was at the top of the list, we never went swimming here. We never went to a movie together. Sounds weird – after the million and one ovies that we sat through together.

Noah: You must have gone to a ball game.

Luke: Never.

Noah: Bowling?

Luke: No.

Noah: Tennis?

Luke: No. We never went to a museum, we never went shopping together. We never went to the farmer’s market on Saturday. So funny that I can think of so many things I didn’t do with him, than I did with him.

Noah: Whatever you did do must have worked.

Luke: Must have worked how?

Noah: You and Reid were really close…close enough to admit how you felt about each other. You’ll always have that, right?

Luke kind of nods: Do you really want to know what’s at the top of that list? Oh, Luke, you did NOT just ask Noah that.

Noah: Yeah, all right.

Luke: Reid and I had never made love. Oh – not as dreadful as I feared.

Noah (rightfully) looks like he’s gonna barf.

Luke: That sure beats not going to a movie

Noah: Why hadn’t you?

Luke: We were waiting.

Noah: Whose idea was that?

Luke: Mine. Luke Snyder wanted to wait. Surprised, huh?

Noah: No, I know what making love means to you.

Luke: I did tell you it was an out of body experience. ???

Noah: You know, it’s no secret that Reid and I had our issues.

Luke: Who didn’t?

Noah: But if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be able to look at you right now. Chris wouldn’t even be alive. So please believe it when I say, Reid was a hero. Really, Noah, really? I don’t believe you! 

Luke: Why does everyone keep saying that? Everyone knows that’s a lie. Reid Oliver was not a hero.


Chris trying to get out of bed.

Chris: Reid should not be dead.

Katie: And you should be. It’s not like you asked him to go to Bay City.

Chris: You’re missing the point….How long? How long would you have waited to tell me the truth?

Katie: Until the time was right.

Chris: So basically I would have been the last to know? Bob enters and hears the shouting.

Bob: Son, your priority is to get better.

Chris: So whose idea was it to slap Reid’s heart in me? He accuses Bob, Kim, and then Tom of pulling strings. Whose bright idea was it?

Katie blurts out: It was Reid’s.

Chris is flabbergasted.

Commercial break.

7.08pm GMT/2l08pm EDT

Lucinda: What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you (doesn’t that echo a LuRe scene as well?  The two of them calling each other out for being old and cynical.

Lucinda: I know the real John Dixon.

John: I know you too.

Lucinda: You have no clue.

John: When we were married….and I loved you….and even though our marriage did not last I would still like to think of you as a friend.

Lucinda: John, you are delusional….I’m a cancer survivor. I’m in remission, vixen that I am. During that entire ordeal, not once did I hear from you….is that any way to treat a friend? If that’s what you think a friend is, you’re not one.


Holden: Sorry this is so painful to you. Something like it’s been painful to an entire community.

Angus: Where?

Holden: Oakdale, IL

Angus: Never heard of it. He IS Reid’s flesh and blood!

Holden: Right before he died he gave our son durable POA but he won’t be able to make a decision until you go along with it, or something like that.

Angus: Why does your son get to call the shots

Holden: Technically you get to call the shots.

Angus: And if I say no?

Holden: Then we have a problem


Noah to Luke, at the pond: Is there anything I can do?

Luke: How good are you at bringing back the dead?

Noah, looking uncomfortable: Maybe you just need your space.

Luke: You can do what you want, I don’t care. Ouch. Take that, Nukies.

Noah: I can hang.

They’re standing almost shoulder to shoulder.

Luke: How did you know I would be here?"

Noah: I know you. This is your place.

Luke: Yeah, you do know me. He says something about knowing/not knowing Reid. Noah says something comforting.

Luke: Did I know who to call to ask if he even wanted to be cremated?

Noah: He knew, he had to. Because if he didn’t you wouldn’t have loved him. Sorry- butchered that one.

Luke: You know what’s weird? I didn’t even know how I felt about him until I told you.

Noah: At least I’m good for something, right?


Chris: How? How the hell can Reid be dead

Katie: John gave us strict orders (not to tell you).

Chris: You gotta tell me.

Katie: He was in a car accident

Chris: When, where? Tell me everything that happened.

Katie explains.

Chris: That doesn’t make sense. The only railroad crossing near here is on the way to Bay City…..ding ding ding – mental bells go off….He died because of me. He was on the way to Bay City to talk to that surgeon that held up my heart.

Katie: He made a reckless decision.

Chris: He did it because of me and he ‘s the one who ends up dead. He never made it to Bay City, did he…So instead of a donor heart, I end up with his…This can’t be happening.

Katie: Do not blame yourself for this.

Chris: Yes, it is my fault. Yes, Chris, I hate to say it, but you’re right.

Commercial break.

7.00pm GMT/2.00pm EDT

Never mind: found one, courtesy of stevie at LRO: JustTVNuts Live Stream

At Worldwide, in Lucinda’s office, John apologizes to Lucinda for yelling at her earlier. He insists she talk about what’s between her and Lily. Lucinda says Lily has enough Worldwide stock to oust Lucinda from the board. Big rift. John: What the hell is wrong with you, woman? So Reid-like.


Angus asks Lilden why they’re still there after they’ve scared off his chess partner:  Then you tart yappin’ about that lousy nephew…

Holden: Your nephew is dead.

Angus needs to sit down: Well, that’s a damn shame. He actually sounds sad.

Lily: It’s more of a tragedy

Anus: What the hell am I supposed to do about it?


In Chris’s room.

Chris: Answer me, please Katie. Whose heart do I have?

Katie: Someone very generous.

Chris, not buying it. Katie weakening: You’re not supposed to know right now.

Chris: Something doesn’t feel right. I heard people talking in the hallway. Things don’t add up. Please tell me the truth. I made a mistake. Please, don’t make that same mistake. Be honest with me.

Katie: Reid’s. You have Reid’s heart.

Chris’s eyes roll back.

Opening credits.

6.54pm GMT/1.54pm EDT

Sorry folks, NONE of the four CBS livestreams appear to be working today (if anyone finds one – send me a PM!), so I’ll try to liveblog the west coast showing at 9pm EDT.

2.31am GMT/9.31pm EDT

End of episode preview for today’s episode, courtesy of bombayhighway:

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