What are you gonna do, string me up in the town square?

— Reid (to Luke)

Episode LiveBlog | 7 September 2010

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UPDATE: 8.51pm GMT/3.51pm EDT

Pretty much the only scene in today’s episode worth watching. Heartbreaking. (courtesy of smuchshypush

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7.38am GMT/2.38am EDT

Well, it’s LuResday.

Here’s the preview for this week, courtesy of smuchshypush (contains potentially disturbing images):

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Plus today’s sneak peek (not much  new here), courtesy MrFixit2334:

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The livestream links as always are:

As mentioned previously, I will continue to liveblog to the end – livestream and schedule permitting. As with last Friday, I will keep reports in chronological order.

[spoiler]And so Tragic Tuesday begins. 🙁[/spoiler]

5.53pm GMT/12.53pm EDT

The Eric Sheffer Stevens/Doctors without Borders campaign is up tio $12,325 this morning $12,630 as of now. If you are looking for a way to send a message to Eric for his fantastic work, or a way to express your feelings, please consider making a donation to DWB, or to Van’s designated charity, the Walnut Hill School for the Arts.

6.41pm GMT/1.41pm EDT

TVPC is working for me; none of the others. People on LRO are saying CBS already posted the recap?  And people are watching!  Are we masochists or what!?

6.50pm GMT/1.50pm EDT

Liquid recreation? check. Dinner on the table for the family? check. Toddler issues addressed? check. 

[spoiler]Box of tissues. Big check.  Is there ANYONE who cares about Luke and Reid who’s been to this site who actually isn’t completely spoiled?[/spoiler]

6.59pm GMT/1.59pm EDT

Bell productions logo just went by. B&B completely over. Commercials and more commercials. Almost time….

Oh crap – weather report blocking out the show!  Chatters report it’s just Chris and Katie to start.

Chris: I’m not very good with waiting.

Katie: It’ll be worth it, I promise….I’ve come to far with you to give up now. Really? They’ve come far?


Bob asks John how long they have – John says they need a heart in the next 24 hours. Kim says she’ll go home only when they have something to celebrate. Anything can happen in 24 hours.


Tom and Margo gloating about getting the heart for Chris, thinking all is okay. Tom called in a bunch of favors. Margo gets the text saying the heart fell through. Margo gets a call about an accident. Oh shit. OMG, she says, looking paler than pale.


Luke talking to Casey and Ali. Ali says he needs to tell Kim and Bob. Luke worries he’ll have something else for Reid to rag on him for. Ali says he can handle him. Luke tells Kim and Bob and they ask if he thinks he’ll succeed.

Luke: You know Reid he thinks he can do anything.


Tom and Margo arrive on the accident scene. Ambulance. Flashing lights.

Commercial break.

7.07pm GMT/2.07pm EDT

Crappy livestream, missing dialogue. Sorry. Dammit. Livestream stuck on a Beano ad. Signalling, much? Speaking of a load of ….

John being cautiously optimistic – book an OR so they’re ready to operate. No word from Reid, though, so not sure. Luke confidently tells John to book the OR.

John: You have a great deal of faith in him.

Luke, smiles: I know him pretty well.

John grunts. Mmmmm. Interesting I think he still doesn’t realize Luke and Reid are together.

Kim waxing poetic to Ali about Chris and Katie. They’re all happy Reid’s bringing the heart back. Kim says it’s time to get back to “our family”  Ali gets all happy about being in the family.


Katie, Chris, and John joking about Reid playing superman and wondering who he pushed out of the way for this heart. John reminding him that it was supposed to be his and Reid is just reclaiming it. (Not quite – forgot that Tom kind of pulled some strings to make it his heart).

Everyone being happy. Ali joking about not wanting to get in Reid’s way. Luke: especially on an empty stomach.

Bob saying that he lost hope and Reid gave it back to him.

Luke: Don’t let Reid think he’s a miracle worker – he’s already impossible enough to deal with as it is.

Bob says he was going go recommend making Reid and Chris Co-COS. Aside from being a cop-out in terms of showing that Reid rightfully earned the position, this is the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard of. What serious organization wants co-chairs pointing fingers at each other or trying to carve out their own niches/stepping on each other’s toes. Ugh. More copping out from TPTB.

Luke: Reid working alongside Chris? That would a miracle.

Kim/Ali scene. Tom and Margo turn up. Margo: Oh lord, how am I going to do this.

Bob: Don’t be shy, join the party.  Braves about Reid’s heroism. Margo looks like hell. Bob starts gloating about how awesome Reid is…

Margo (from this week’s preview clip): He didn’t get out of the car in time. Margo instructed EMS to bring him to Memorial. Bob realizes EMS will go right by.

Bob: “Luke can’t see this.” He asks Casey to drag Luke to the cafeteria to check on Katie and Ali.

Luke is a happy clam and doesn’t play along: “And miss Reid with his grand entrance? No way. It’s going to be great show. Besides he’d kill me if I wasn’t here to see his triumphant return.” ER comes in. OF COURSE the ER team brings Reid’s bloodied body by (isn’t this a treatment floor, like on the 5th floor or something? And of COURSE Luke recognizes the completely unrecognizable blood-covered body.

REID? He says in a panic and tries to run after them as Bob restrains him.

Commercial break.

7.18pm GMT/2.18pm EDT

Bob says injuries are severe and beyond repair.

Luke said you have to do something for him. You have to try.

Bob says there’s nothing they can do. It’s a miracle he’s alive. It’s only a matter of time before his body begins to shut down. They can only make him more comfortable.

Bitchy (yes, I know, he has a right to be!) Rooftop Luke accuses Bob of giving up. We’re in a hospital full of doctors and no one’s doing a damn thing for Reid.

Luke RUNS in to see him, asking: Why are we standing here talking. Why isn’t anybody trying to help Reid???"!

Nurse asks him if he’s all right. Luke can barely breath out: I’m fine.

Luke gasps, “Why?”

Reid senses his presence and opens his eyes.


John comes in and says OR is ready. He can tell something’s wrong. Bob says Reid’s not gonna make it. Tom says he never made it to Bay City. So no donor heart either. Margo: “There’s nothing, John.”

John reminisces – You know, in all the years you and I have worked together, we’ve rarely on the same page. And I bet we’re both asking ourselves the same question: Why???? And I gotta tell you, after all these years, I have no idea. 

Bob: Neither do I.  Are all the writers asking the same question we are? Why, PTB, why?


Aside: Eric’s eyes and voice are amazing in this scene. They convey so much with very few syllables and movements. Stunning he holds his own against Van who is incredible.

Luke: I’m so happy to see you. Bob said you were so full of surprises. And he’s right? This one? I”m not sure I like. Were you trying to outrun a train? Don’t try to say anything. I’m here, and you’re here, and that’s what matters.

Reid croaks (as in a frog, not dies….yet).

Luke: Don’t try to say anything. I’m here. And you’re here. That’s what matters.

Reid: Wallet.

Nurse: He shouldn’t be agitated.

Rooftop Luke: He’s always agitated.

Luke asks for Reid’s personal effects and fishes stuff out of bag.

Luke (gently) to Reid: Do you want something out of your wallet?

Reid nods.

Reid: Card. ….Important.

Luke flips through the cards in Reid’s wallet.

Luke: Do not resucitate? Is that he card you want? I don’t follow you.  Luke is sniffling, but trying to hold it together. The nurse tries to intervene.

Rooftop Luke to nurse: He’s trying to tell me something, so back off!

Reid: License.

Luke reads it. (Preview scene).

Luke: You’re an organ donor? Chris?

Reid nods: Chris.

Luke: No. No. You’re not gonna have to donate organs any time soon. You need to focus on getting better. Forget about Chris. I’m going to get Bob.

Reid reaches an arm out and grabs Luke’s arm.

Reid: Now…I need a lawyer not a doctor.

Luke (sobbing): No.

Luke, crying, runs out and gets Tom.

Reid: Luke. Power of attorney.

Luke: No. I don’t need any stupid power of attorney. Reid – you’ll get better; I promise. There are things the doctors haven’t tried. I can get specialists….just like I got you to come….and you helped Noah.

Reid: Chris. Heart….Can’t fail him.

Tom: We need to be very very clear what you’re asking me to do.

Luke: He doesn’t know what he wants. Begging Reid to hang on. Please, please.

Tom, interpreting: So you want Chris Hughes to have your heart….

Reid nods. Luke watching Reid and Tom.

Reid to Luke: Who knew I had one to give. He smiles at Luke.

Luke is trying to be brave: No. You’re not going anywhere. nd neither is your heart. There are so many things you have to do. You have so many lives to save. There are so many stupid, stupid  arguments that we have to get into. There are so many days that we have to spend together. Please, Reid. We haven’t had enough days.   Us neither! We’re just getting started. You can’t leave me. I love you (Reid nods almost imperceptibly) and you love me. (Reid nods again). You said you did, so please, please you can’t leave me.  This passage is so perfect to me.

He kisses Reid and Reid flatlines (well the machine starts beeping). Way to give the poor kid even MORE of a complex!

This scene wasn’t NEARLY long enough 🙁


Chris not feeling well.

Katie telling him Reid is gonna come through.

Chris: something about sunsets to walk off into.

Katie: Lots of them. Grrr……We’ll laugh and make love and be disgustingly proud of our kids like any normal family. We’ll just live b/c we won’t be scared to… Grrrr…..tells Chris to hang on.

Chris: No longer.


Reid is brain dead. Bob looks like he’s going to pull the plug.

Luke: You can’t turn that off.

Tom: He had a DNR

Bob: He’s stopped being Reid.

Luke: But his chest is moving….don’t touch that.

John explains that the brain has stopped working and is at least using a very kind tone. Tom and Bob really sound like they’re badgering Luke – can you spell CONFLICT OF INTEREST?

Bob: There is nothing we can do for him other than give him peace

Tom: It’s not what Reid wanted. He still has one last patient he wants to help.

Luke looks like hell.

John: We can’t be a recipient at will.

Luke still shell-shocked.

Bob – if Luke had POA, couldn’t he make a decision? What the hell would make you ask that Bob? Like we all give POA to our boyfriends after 4-5 months of almost dating? And of COURSE we would think Reid would have thought of that? More crappy writing.

Luke looking like he would like to die as well.

Rooftop Luke: You’re talking about him like he’s not lying here with his own heart beating in his own chest!

Tom: He’s not gonna wake up. He’s gone. So the only question is whether we’ll lose Chris, too.

Tom explains it’s all legally on the up and up. Luke is still shaking his head. John says he’ll get testing for a match. Um, John, I don’t think Luke said okay yet!

Luke is being so strong. And they’re really making everybody else out to be asses. Yes, they’re trying to build up the urgency and the drama, but really, show, really? Can you possibly pile onto Luke any more? He’s already got to give Reid up, can we not make him do it quite so much under the gun?

Luke: No, no. I don’t believe this. He kisses Reid’s shoulder (so sweet) – I wonder if snicks counts this as sex, as Reid’s clearly topless in this scene. Sorry, morbid humor. But really, show, really? This is the only time they get to kiss something below the chin? Aw, c’mon. I can’t be the only one who wanted to see Luke, sobbing the way Jonathan did on top of Tammy’s dead body in GL?

Bob escorts Luke.

Luke: This is so unfair. You said it, Luke! Bob says it’s always sad when a young person dies – that’s why it’s so important how we live our lives.

John grabs a tissue sample and runs off. Bob says he can go back in.


Luke: I wish you could look at me one more time. How did this happen? It happened because I brought you here.  Luke takes his hand. You didn’t want to come but I forced you. I said I had some dirt on you. It was so stupid. If I had never brought to you to this town, if you were still in Texas then….

No, I can hear you saying, “Luke, that is the dumbest thing that’s ever come out of your mouth.” Or “It’s not your fault, you idiot. I was the one that drove to Bay City. Hello? I was the one who was driving.” Thank you, Luke. You have grown.

And you were driving there because you wanted to save somebody’s life. And when they wheeled you wanted that too. So this isn’t about me and it isn’t about you I guess, it’s about saving somebody’s life kisses Reid’s hand) …I wish I could save yours but I can’t. The only thing I can do for you is to let you go. And you live on.

More Luke trying to be brave.

I guess we finally agree on something Dr Oliver. Luke gently touches Reid’s chin. I just wish it wasn’t this. Luke cries.

They ran this sequence of scenes unusually long without commercial breaks. Thank you.


Luke walks out and asks about the POA. Tom hands him papers. No 22-year-old should ever be asked to do this.

Luke: I don’t want anybody to get Reid’s heart.

Margo: It’s an incredible gesture.

Luke: You sound like Reid. Smiles. If that’s what Reid wanted. That’s what we’re gonna do.

Luke signs.


John to Katie: Tissue test confirms we have a perfect match, but we have to move very fast.

Katei: I told him Reid would come through.

John: Yeah.

Chris: Reid?


Bob explains to Kim.

Kim: How could this happen?…Poor man.  He was on a mission to save Chris’s life and he succeeded…And I questioned his principles – what a fool I was. And I was so cross with him all the time.

Bob: He probably deserved it.

Kim: At least you understood there was a fine many underneath all that bluster. Noble even. And now I’ll never have the chance to tell him I’m so sorry. I’m so ashamed.

Bob: Well if you did, he would probably tell you you’d gone soft in the head.

Kim: It wouldn’t surprise me a bit. Kim is sobbing.


Ali says she needs to be in the OR for Chris – please? Bob says yes. calls her family again.


Luke sitting alone in a chair in the hallway/waiting area, looking shellshocked. Where the hell are Holden and Lily? Katie comes out of Chris’s room and plops down happily next to Luke, gushing.

Katie: Oh! I love your boyfriend! He may not have the best eating habits in the world… but I will let that slide. Reid is incredible!

Luke nods subtly to agree, trying not to cry as Katie gushes.

Katie: It’s literally like a fair tale and we all get to live happily ever after…Katie beams, and Luke catches his breath. I don’t think he can breathe, and neither can I. Where is he anyways? Gorging on junk food? Where is the guy? I want to give him a big bear hug and tell him he’s superman! Luke finally turns to look at Katie and mutters something – I think it’s “He’d like that.” Luke, where is Reid?

Luke barely stifles a sob and gets ready to tell her.

Commercial break.

LATEST POST 7.45pm GMT/2.45pm EDT

Luke to Katie: They’re gonna be bringing Chris out soon. We shoudl get you someting.

Katie: I should be asking you that.

Luke: You know Reid loved you too, and Jacob. You were the family he never had. You didn’t just give him a place to stay, you gave him a home. The first home he ever had.

Katie, puts her head in her hands and sobs: I can’t believe this!

Luke comforts her and rubs her back.

But he’s not really gone as long as part of him.

Katie looking like she’s going to cry, too. OMFG – he told her OFF SCREEN?!>

Luke finally doubles over and breaks down: Chris has got to make it. It’s Reid’s heart; it’s Reid’s heart. This hurts so bad. 

Luke sobs Katie hugs him. Heartbreaking.


Katie to Hugheses: Luke just told me.

Someone: Where’s Luke?

Luke: He went in to see Reid one last time.

Oh FUCK. Goddamn news interruption.



Luke walks in as John and Ali get ready to take Reid to the OR.

Luke, with love in his eyes, almost awestruck: Oh, you are so handsome, and you always will be. You’re a good man, Reid. I may as well admit that now.

Katie and the Hugheses arrive. John suggests a prayer and Luke doesn’t think Reid would really go for that.

Please please come in. He never got tired of being the center of attention.

Bob: Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friend.

Luke: Yeah, he’d like that. Luke kisses Reid on the cheek and barely audibly mouths, Bye.


Katie goes in to see Chris “one last time.” Chris says he’ll marry her.

Chris: ….thanks to that jackass Oliver.

Katie: Like I said, Reid is going to save your life. They exchange ILYs. So unfair.

Chris: A guy just doesn’t get any luckier than me. You don’t know the half of it, Chris.


Doc team wheels Reid’s body out.

Luke to John: Just make sure it’s worth the sacrifice.

Commercial break.


7.52pm GMT/2.52pm EDT

Tom feeling guilty about setting up the heart in Bay City.

Margo: You can’t blame yourself….You gotta let it go.

Tom: I can’t. I seriously think we’re looking at a new kind of responsibility here…Reid Oliver gave this family the greatest gift he could WE ought to start dedicating our lives to others instead of just ourselves.

This better be the start of an ENORMOUS tribute to Reid Oliver because TPTB have dug themselves an ENORMOUS pit that they need to climb out of.

*boing* A lightbulb just went off in my head. I think ATWT is trying to carve out a legacy between honoring Nancy by doing deeds for charity and all this talk about honoring Reid. They’re telling us how great they are for promoting all this feel-good stuff. When instead, they could be setting a good example.

I think they thought they were trying to do that by making Reid this big noble hero. Unfortunately few of us are brave enough (or perhaps fortunately, have significant opportunities that arise which require us to be heroic). However, we all have the ability to change things in the more mundane everyday decisions we make – e.g., whether to be courageous and show a same-sex couple having their happily ever after. They could have influenced a lot more people societally that way than with this heavy handed “Reid Oliver was a hero” storyline.


Luke in the empty room that Reid was in, by himself. He looks completely lost. Katie comes in and puts her head on his shoulder and gives him a hug. I really wish they’d ended the episode with this scene.


In the OR, John: Is the donor heart ready for transplantation? Then let’s go to work. We have a life to save.

Fade out on Chris’s face. At least Chris has a net over his hair.


Tomorrow’s Previews:

Lily trying to tell Lucinda to go away. Lucinda to Lily and Holden: we have to pull together for Luke’s sake.

Ali to Noah: He needs you (scene from this week’s preview)

Luke: Chris has to make it. He has to live.

End of show.

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  1. Barb says:

    MY heart just shattered into a million pieces with the last kiss between Reid and Luke…you’re right…it wasn’t nearly long enough for them to say good-bye!!! I’m still sobbing and am sick to my stomach……I’M not ready to say good-bye to Reid and I won’t!!! They’ll have their happily ever after and their love story will continue always…in my heart and mind…

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