See, there you go. One good day at a spa. It’ll be like nothing happened.

— Reid (to Luke)

Episode LiveBlog | 10 August 2010

3.58pm EDT

Smuchschypush does it again. The dialogue is key:

[tubepress video=FByuCXIXCg4 description=false title=false]

But slo-mo is awfully nice, too…

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2.54pm EDT

Previews: Dusty/Lucy/Janet, Lily/Holden/Carly with Craig intrigue

no LuRe 🙁

2.48pm EDT

Another great scene with too much to catch at 100wpm.

Reid and Luke saying good night on the step of the Lilypad. Reid trying to pull the “I’m a doctor, emergencies come up. I wasn’t gone all that long.” Luke calling him and noting physically he agrees, but mentally Reid checked out as soon as Noah’s name came up.’”

Reid essentially saying again “Oh – there you go again.” And Luke saying SO many things that needed to be said. First he mentions Noah, but that “I promise to keep him very quiet – you won’t even know he’s there.”

Jealous Reid asks “Will you miss him?” and if Luke wants to be with Mr Mayer?

Luke replies: “You’re the one that I want to be with. If I wanted to be with Noah I would move to LA with him.” And then he matches Reid’s kiss and ups it with an invitation to go inside since no one’s home.

Reid actually declines because “I have surgery in the morning.” HUH?

And I think I missed a line, but then Luke adds, “Unless you’d rather stay.” (!!!!!!!!)

And I missed another line, but I think Reid responds, “Besides, you’re the one who wanted time.”

And Reid freakin’ LEAVES.  Speaking of kissing bans….

Next could be the nice KReid scene that Eric was talking about….Reid and Katie at Katie’s place.  Reid asks about Jacob and Katie says, “I didn’t expect you home so early.” And something like “I thought you’d stay later.” And Reid adding “So did he (Luke).”

Katie mirroring Reid now with her version of the “what is wrong with me” and why doesn’t Chris like me talk.

Reid being remarkably generous to Chris and telling her “Don’t give up on him. Trust me Katie – Chris just has some issues that he has to work thorugh before he can get close.” And Katie saying, “Don’t we all.”

Chris alone at hospital. Nurses asks if he needs anything. He says no. See him looking ill and miserable.

Henry talking to Chuckles about Barbara and how much he misses her. Awwww…..

Emily tells Babs that Henry dumped Vienna. Yay! Barbara says it’s the happiest day of her life and profusely thanks Emily – who woulda thunk it! Emily looks like she’s going to hurl.

2.38pm EDT

Emily and Barbara sniping about whose fault it is for being there – Barbara’s for not warning her about getting clubbed, or Emily’s for not untying Barbara in the first place.

Chris makes a lame excuse for Reid (“So he’s your patient but Reid went to check on him.” “I wanted his opinion.”) Reid returns and Luke is glad/relieved to see him. Chris says he needs more help, so Reid tells Luke he’s not quite back yet and gives him a lovely gesture which I can’t quite describe – kind of like a gentle, friendly hand to the chest. Reid makes a joke about never thinking Doogie would invite him to the men’s room.

OMG I am laughing SO hard. “I’m not coming onto you, but drop your pants.”

Luke thinks Reid’s mad at him for bringing up Noah and Ali advises that if he can’t accept that Noah was a part of your life, maybe Reid’s not the right guy for you (ack! Ali – BITE YOUR TONGUE).

Reid warns Chris to tell Katie….TONIGHT and says that she’s very special to him and that that is not very easy for him to say about anybody (awww…..). Chris leaves to check on his patient and Katie continues to blame herself (anybody see any parallels here?).

Iris continuing to spin lies. Emily and Barbara sniping and Emily coming up with a lame plan to loosen the strings that are binding them to each other and a post. Too bad after they try it the ropes look so loose it’s hard to believe they’re even remotely stuck. Ugh.

Still more commercials. Sigh.

2.27pm EDT

Iris, Babs and Emily. Ho hum.  Iris purposefully removes Barbara’s gag so she and Emily can snipe.

Luke tells Casey and Ali that he and Reid are dating and Casey and Ali don’t blink – aside from being surprised that Reid is human. Ali breaks the news that Noah’s moving to LA in September. Reid comes back and Casey and Ali skedaddle. Reid immediately notices something’s wrong (yay! Reid) and Luke tries lamely to change the subject, telling Reid, “trust me, you don’t want to know what’s on my mind.” Thank you, Luke for trying.

Reid is feeling lucky and Luke explains Noah’s leaving. Reid says, “And that makes you feel…” fill in the blank. Luke doesn’t have a chance to fill in the blank because Chris stumbles over and says the pharmacy would only release the Rx to Reid, not Chris and he thought he would make it until tomorrow but won’t. He sends Reid off and Reid (duh! what are you thinking, Reid?!) asks Chris to make apologies for him (of course poor Luke’s going to think Reid left b/c he’s pissed about Noah!).

Will and Gwen call Iris about missing AA and Will drops the news about the note found in the clown. Iris starts to frame Emily….

More commercials – jeez are there more than ever?!

2.18pm EDT

Casey talks to Chris. Chris begs Katie for forgiveness. They plan a double-date at….Metro.

Bad start. Reid shows up late. Luke says that it used to be Luke who was late on dates with Noah. Reid snarks about Luke bringing up his BOYFRIEND at the start of every date. Luke says, “REALLY?” *bonk* (bangs head against desk)

Katie and Reid at the bar. No substance but nice interactions. Reid is surprised to hear Chris is coming.

Henry and Will. Henry suspecting Vienna.

Gwen checking on when Iris’s AA meeting and surprise (!) there isn’t one.

Emily and Babs talking. Emily, brandishing a wine bottle threateningly, finally realizes that Barbara couldn’t have bound herself and asks who – Babs tells Emily she’s about to find out. Iris, like Emily, and unlike Barbara, takes my advice and uses a wine bottle – and knocks Emily out.

Commercial break

2.08pm EDT

Wow – that was intense. Chris and Reid. Chris begging Reid to call in a prescription so he doesn’t have to call it in himself. Reid (smartly) saying he’s a neurosurgeon and this is not the kind of thing he’d usually prescribe. Chris asking if he needs to beg and that he’s asking Reid b/c the whole hospital is scared of him and won’t question him.

Kate confessing the last 12 hours with Chris to Casey and Ali. Casey and Ali trying to reassure Katie. Ali sends Casey away to find out what happened with Chris (sorry, Casey, no nookie tonight).

Reid and Luke ready to go to Metro and sends Luke ahead. Reid says he has to stop by the pharmacy first and Chris says thanks. Reid says hold the thanks and go tell Katie. Blunt and so right as always. “Open your mouth and tell the truth.”

Katie says “Jacob looks so much like Brad” when he sleeps (OMG that was almost an exact line from yesterday’s chapter of my fanfic!)

Henry and Will figuring out that the note Henry found is indeed the second half of the staged note Iris planned.

Emily taunting a gagged Babs – and accusing Barbara of setting this up herself. Emily asks if Babs will be good (again) if she removes the gag. Loved the inflection on Barbara’s “mhh hmm.” Gag comes off and Barbara says Emily couldn’t be more stupid if she were a breadbowl. (tee hee).

More commercials

2.00pm EDT

Ali and Casey babysitting Jacob and being cute. Ali recited the names of human bones to get him to sleep. Katie arrives early to pick up Jacob.

Frak! My toddler has impeccable timing – missed the only pre-credits LuRe bit. Sounds like Luke said the kiss was “pretty great,”  the boys are going out, and Reid gently touched Reid (thanks nightmocha & co at LRO).

Henry, Will and Gwen. Henry has found half a help note from Babs.

Emily and Babs trapped in Fairwinds wine cellar. Emily enjoying Babs being gagged.

Freakin’ interminable commercial break

1.54pm EDT

Here! I’m going to try to do things backwards today with most recent posts at the top. Let me know if you have a preference!

9.25am EDT

Two in a row – again! Yay. Life is good, despite rampant speculation otherwise.

Wow, did our pediatrician choose a lousy day to see my daughter yesterday. I can’t believe I missed the episode live yesterday! But the good news is as soon as I get a timestamp (I’d like to know the time, to the second the kiss started), I can update the kiss clock. I should be doing this EVERY day.

In the meantime, thanks to the fabulous-as-always smuchshypush for the slow-mo edition of yesterday’s kiss.

[tubepress video=iOcvAdhLxOk description=false title=true]

[tubepress video=iduASiM4KF8 description=false title=true]

She’s also posted all of the episode clips in Full HD which is a treat for those of us watching mostly on live stream.

[tubepress video=deq084KnJQM description=false title=false]

And to bombayhighway for today’s preview clip.

[tubepress video=RkiRlFDcMJk description=false title=false]

Oh yeah, P.S. Just to make sure everything’s 100% clear. I noted yesterday that since I wasn’t blogging that desperate fans should turn to AE’s snicks. Just to clarify – that didn’t mean that like “If you’re SOOO desperate” that you should turn to snicks. Rather, it’s an acknowledgement, that, let’s face it, pretty much ALL LuRe fans are desperate – I know I am! And I love snicks’s blog – have been reading it for months and I meant what I said in LuRe by Seuss. So, hope no one’s insulted. It didn’t quite sound right in hindsight, but I had no internet access all day, so it sat uncorrected/unexplained for longer than I would have liked.

In the meantime, links to the livestream for today’s episode:

Not looking forward to more Noah-talk (when what we really need is pillow-talk!), but any LuRe is better than no LuRe (at least I think so), so happy LuResDay, everyone…

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  1. tLuRefan says:

    Thanks for blogging 🙂 Always love reading your thoughts

    I enjoyed the Reid/Chris scenes today…Reid joking about never thinking Chris would invite him to the men’s room…and the “I’m not coming onto you, but drop your pants” line…hysterical!! Loved it.

    As for the kiss…sweet. Wow that Luke asked Reid to stay and so wished Reid had…but alas I get why he didn’t

    Henry with Chuckles…awww indeed and as for Ali…just hush! lol

    And Katie/Reid @ Katie’s…another awww

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