Luke: Do you hate your dad?
Noah: Sometimes. But you’re the one that made me feel like that was okay, that if I could accept everything about him, all the good and the bad stuff about my dad that I could deal, and that would help me get past it.
Luke: I said that? That’s pretty smart.
Noah: You have your moments.

— Luke and Noah

Episode LiveBlog (False Alarm) | 16 August 2010

3.11pm EDT

Oops – no episode today after all, I guess.  I ended up missing most of it and didn’t see them on the scenes I watched (plus did not see any live threads of them), so I guess I’ll TTYL!

12.02pm EDT

Oh! Just reading on FB that they’re NOT on today – I’ve seen so many varied reports about whether it’s Monday or Wednesday this week that I’ve lost count. Will keep you posted if it’s not today.

11.57pm EDT

LuRe are not in today’s Sneak Peek, so all we have so far are previews for the week of August 16th

OakdaleNow appears to have the only version (at least that I could find) that includes both the clip of Luke and Noah and the one of Noah spying Reid helping Chris into the elevator at the LakeView (thanks to smuchshypush for the tip).

[tubepress video=1I78rfANEwg title=false description=false]


8.09am EDT

Good morning everyone! The skinny is that there are three LuRe episodes this week with Noah reappearing on the canvas and additional developments in the in the Chris/Reid situation. We are finally starting to get to the post-Occupant era, and so far Luke and Reid have not disappointed…unless you only have your heart set on one particular scene . Should be a good week!

I will be liveblogging all three episodes to the best of my ability, though between the Tuesday and Wednesday episodes I need to lug two young children and way too much luggage back overseas!

More updates to come on Eric in Vermont Shakespeare and TWO new videos (one music, one highlights) to be posted (one will be done right around the start of today’s episode at it’s current upload rate). Those will probably be most of the updates to the blog this week. After Vermont, I don’t have enough brain cells (SEVERE sleep deprivation, not overly enthusiastic consumption of controlled substances) to update the countdown clocks and I have high hopes that there will be more resets this week and next, so I’ll do them all at once next week!

In the meantime, links to the livestream for today’s episode:

Happy LuResWeek, everyone!


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  1. ashley says:

    i am so mad it seems to be official reid is gonna die i amm so mad i could scream its like gee thanks for wasting my time and emotions! why do this to luke and reid

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