Katie: Not a big fan of hotels?
Reid: They’re germ farms. Sharing sheets and pillows with complete strangers? It’s — ugh. Thank God I have no problem sleeping in chairs. And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go wash my hands. Your kid is a little germ breeder, too.

— Katie and Reid

Episode LiveBlog | 17 August 2010

3.51pm EDT

And once again, posting the full Luke-Reid-Noah-clips in record speed is ADL. Part 1:

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And Part 2:

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2.52pm EDT

Drat – just did a copy and paste over the last segment, so I’m doing this from memory.

Reid shows up at Lilypad, Luke answers. Luke asks, “So how was the patient?” Reid looks confused and says fine.

Reid starts to babble about being invited to a cocktail party for the board of trustees (who are going to make the COS decision). “Put on your suit, I’m gonna need you.”

Luke, having had the Noah bug planted in his ear, is very vaguely suspicious that Reid is using him, and says, “I don’t believe a word you just said.” (Thanks to snicks’ liveblog since I forgot that epic line!)


Chris shows up at Katie’s and asks her to go to the cocktail party with him. She is a bit surprised since he just told her to go to Sweden, and says no.


Emily and Barbara knock over the post they’re tied to. Here or in the previews they manage to start an electrical fire when the post hits a circuit board.



Will and Gwen confronting Barbara. Barbara and Emily panicking at the electrical fire. Paul smelling smoke.

At LilyPad still, Luke flat out asks Reid who he’s seeing.

At the Metro cocktail party, Katie overhears Reid telling Chris he needs to see a cardiologist.

2.42pm EDT

In a LakeView room, Chris says a sincere thank you.

Reid gives Chris a bottle to take between injections. Chris: “You scored me meds without me threatening or bullying you?….I’m feeling better already.” He stands up and stretches.

Reid: “How you feel doesn’t mean anything.” More doctorspeak. Reid is being awesome in doctor mode. Can’t remember any of the words because I’m too mesmerized by kind doctorly Reid.

Chris makes a joke about Reid being after the COS position.

Reid: “If that was my intention, I’d let you treat yourself….aside from the fact that you’d drop dead…if you treated anyone else the way you treat yourself…” and then some insult.

Chris says thanks again.

Reid: “Save the thanks. I just want us to stop meeting like this.” And he almost smiles as he leaves.

I love Chreid.


Luke arrives at Java and says he went to look for Reid at the hospital but he wasn’t there.

Noah: “He wasn’t with a patient – he lied to you. I saw him at the Lakeview. He was getting into the elevator. He was with some guy and he had his arm around him…I’m looking out for you.”

Luke asks why Noah is doing this to him.

Noah: “But this is unfair (to you). You deserve better than that. I care about you too much not to say this….” Didn’t catch all of the understandable conclusions he’s jumped to….”He’s ambitious.”

Luke: “So he’s using me? I offered help. He accepted….Just because you’re too stubborn to accept my help….don’t take it out on Reid…it is none of your business.”

Noah: “Has he told you he loves you ? because you deserve it.”

Luke” You’re trying to get me not to trust him. You are out the door – you made it very clear months ago that I was not going to be part of that life…and now you’re trying to ruin this for me.”

Noah: “I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

Luke: Then you never should have pushed me away…I never would have done that to you.”

Noah: “Whatever you feel for reid – just be sure…” (missed the last word).


Henry storms into Fairwinds. “It was not nice of you to give Barbara’s clothes away!” He mentions seeing Iris drinking at the Lakeview.

Gwen and Will go to the Lakeview.

2.31pm EDT

Iris says she was lent some of Barbara’s clothes. Henry is skeptical.

Barbara and Emily.  Blah blah blah.

Paul receives a text from Emily. He’s surprised she called him “baby” and Gwen and Paul both are surprised she didn’t even ask about Eliza though she’s been gone for more than a day.

Chris tells Katie to go to Sweden. Katie suggests going back to the cabin. Katie is clearly rebuffed and leaves.

Sparkly Luke arrives at hospital and calls a nurse by name. He says he’d like to wait for Reid to finish with his patient. Luke is wired on caffeine and is surprised when the nurse tells him that Reid already checked out.

Chris arrives at the LakeView looking like crap and barely able to stand. He collapses in a chair. Reid arrives with his medical bag. Reid says he’s causing an ambulance. Chris threatens to blackmail him saying that if he calls an ambulance, he’d call dad and Katie and tell them that Reid insisted on treating him on his own – and they’d believe him.

Reid chuckles that Chris would lie and tries to call his bluff but let’s Chris talk him into it. He helps Chris up and they definitely look very chummy as they step onto the elevator.

Noah and film grant guy talking. Film guy saying Noah’s great. Noah smiling and looking very nice. Noah sees Reid and Chris into an elevator. Noah looks really good.

Why oh why are there two commercial bumpers with Vienna in them and none of Reid still? I’D PAY personally to air proper shots for Reid!

2.19pm EDT

Katie to Chris: “The nurse told me where to find you. I didn’t expect you taking a swing at Reid. I thought you were going to stop taking potshots at each other.”

Reid: “You wanna tell her?”

Chris: “Fine, I will.” and doesn’t.

Reid: “Doogie hates me because I’m brilliant.” OMG I miss Susan Dansby. Reid is on fire today.

Chris: “And he hates me because I’ am not going to give up the fight.”

Reid: “Good luck with that.” and walks out.

Chris and Katie talk briefly and Katie walks out to get the real truth from Reid.  Reid being a standup guy asks Katie: “What did he tell you?”

Katie’s suspicious and Reid says “I care about you.”

Katie: “That’s sweet, protective and unnecsesary – you need to be nice to my almost boyfriend.”

Reid: “The guy doesn’t make it easy.”

Chris comes out and joins them asking why she’s there. Reid says to him, “She’s here for you – don’t disappoint her.”

Katie tells him Henry asked her to go to Sweden and how he would like her to respond.


Luke: “I never thought I’d fall for a guy like Reid.”

Noah: “We’re not exactly the same type.”

Luke: “There will never be anyone like you for me – you were special…so how are we going to do this goodbye thing?”  Really, Luke, really?

Noah: “Just no hugging or kissing….I remember the first and last time I kissed you…..” Something about not realizing at the time that it would be the last one.”

Reid calls and tells Luke he has to blow him off.

Noah: “I don’t like that he used me to get to you.”

Luke": “Noah, he’s a good man….So, no kiss, no hug, just have a nice life in LA?”

Noah: “Just one last look….when I was blind – I was so scared I would never see you again…” Noah reaches up and gently touches Luke on the chin (I gotta say it doesn’t come close to the Reid face touches in intimacy or tenderness, not that I’m biased) “…and now…” and he leaves.

Luke looks exhausted?


Iris Barbara Emily. Blah blah blah.

Paul defending Emily to Will and Gwen who are wicked suspicious since Emily keeps saying she wishes Barbara would never come back.

Iris meets banker at the LakeView. The account the check was drawn on was phased out months ago.

Henry walks in, smells her perfume, and smells Barbara’s perfume.


2:08pm EDT

Iris, Paul, Will and Gwen pondering where Emily is.

Henry and Katie talking about Barbara. Henry rightfully telling Katie that she owes him big time. He wants her to drop everything to go to Sweden. Plus Katie lets slip that she doesn’t want to leave town “when I’m starting….”


Luke clearly says he can’t go. Noah asks a bit about why and Luke says “I have responsibilities – my family, the Foundation.”  Oh yay, I LOOOOOVVEE Rooftop Luke, and I won’t even mention the fact that he left Reid off this list…for now.

Noah: blah blah blah – it’s not that I didn’t want to be with you but I was blind and I had all this stuff “that I had to deal with on my own.’” Really, Noah? Really?

Rooftop Luke says, it’s not true. “You didn’t want me and now I’ve found someone who does….I can’t go –let’s just leave it at that.”

Noah looks pissy.

A less snarky but still ballsy Rooftop Luke adds, “If we’re being honest. Me staying here does have something to do with Reid….We’re dating.  It’s not something I was trying to hide but I haven’t really seen you lately.” (last part is not quite verbatim).

Noah: “We used to be pretty inseparable….I never thought this would happen to us. Is it serious between you two?”

Luke (paraphrased, I was so mesmerized I didn’t catch it all): “I didn’t eexpect it to be. And Reid didn’t plan on it. Reid doesn’t really do serious. but yeah, it’s serious.” YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!


Reid and Chris have taken their discussion into an exam room. Reid calls Chris a decent doctor and reminds him to tell Katie. Chris says he wants a little more time with Katie so she doesn’t freak out and drop him too soon. “If this doesn’t work I swear I will tell her.”

Reid: “You’re already overdue.”

The preview clip about Chris getting the hotel room plays.

Chris: “Just give me the injections and then you can go off and kick puppies or whatever it is you do.”

They argue – loudly. Katie walks in.

OMG – I LOVE Susan Dansby.

Tuesday 8/18 2:00pm EDT

Noah and Luke at Java in the first scene. Noah’s in a suit getting ready for a film-related meeting at the LakeView – I must say, he’s looking 200% better without the squint, with shorter hair and the suit.

Luke and Noah have an intimate moment….No, just kidding. He brushes lint off Noah’s collar and I got confused!

They chitchat and Noah says, “I always assumed when I moved to LA I’d ask you to go with me.

Luke replied, “I always thought that when you asked I’d say yes.”

Noah: “I’m asking – will you come to LA?”

Freeze frame on pensive Luke face.


Reid and Chris at Memorial. Reid asks “What are you doing?”

Chris: “Rounds.”

Reid: “You shouldn’t be working….The prescription might kill the virus but won’t fix the damage to your heart. You need an MRI…a cardiologist”…more medspeak.”

Chris says he doesn’t want to make a big deal about it.

Reid: “Why not? To stay in the race for the COS?’”

Chris: “I’m doing for Katie.”  Really?

Reid mentions Brad and drops the epic line, “The last thing she needs is to trip over your lifeless body.”


Katie arrives at Al and kisses Henry (on the lips, I think)! When he (like me) asks what that’s for, she says, “For inviting me to breakfast.  It means things are back to normal.”

Henry begs Katie to go to Sweden with him to figure out what happened to Vienna as she is Henry’s #1 suspect.


At Fairwinds, Paul spies a silk-robed butt sticking up in the air and gives it a nice pinch. He’s shocked to find out it’s Iris who’s helped herself to one of Emily’s many robes.

Paul asks where Emily is? Will and Gwen arrive and are also curious.

Meanwhile, in the winecellar, Barbara and Emily are sniping. They try to move the post that they’re tied to but apparently it’s holding up the ceiling and s a shower of drywall dust comes down.

Opening logo.

Here we go…

Commercial break

Monday 8/17 3:34pm EDT

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Reid: You got a hotel room so I could give you a couple shots?
Chris: Whatever it takes.

Luke: What are you doing?
Noah: You’re dating somebody who’s cheating on you.

Something to look forward to….

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