Katie: [Reid takes Katie’s box of ice cream] What are you doing? Hey, I was eating that.
Reid: No, you were inhaling it.

— Katie and Reid

Episode LiveBlog | 18 August 2010

Thursday 8/19 8.14am GMD/3.14am EDT

Ahhhh…..full episode clip in full HD from sumuchshypush….

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7.47pm GMT/2.47pm EDT

Reid and Luke at the bar. Reid waxing philosophical: “A couple of months ago I wouldn’t have cared. I definitely wouldn’t have gotten involved.”

Luke: “Now you’re keeping secrets for a guy you’re in competition with….”

Reid: “Good god who the hell am I?” They share a nice laugh.

Luke: “You’re a doctor. You can’t stand to see anyone suffer. You’re a good man.

Reid: “Usually I don’t mind seeing someone fail especially if they are standing in the way of something I want.”

More chitchat, then Reid admits he is “Changing – and I have you to thank.”

End of LuRe scenes for today.

Kim and Bob having ice cream in Old Town (sweet). Kim saying Bob probably thinks she has blinders where Chris is concerned. They’re talking about Chris.

Katie and Chris arrive at Katie’s place. Katie notes: “You must have really hated being there – you were pale as a ghost at Metro” and now he looks okay.

Chris says he had “A little bit of a headache – I took an aspirin, now I feel better.” For heaven’s sake – haven’t these writers ever heard of Tylenol or NSAIDs? Noah talked about just needing an aspirin as well. Hasn’t it been decades since aspirin was prescribed? Or is it this just the writers’ way of avoiding copyright infringement since no normal person would ever say “I took acetaminophen/ibuprofen?” And jeez, aspirin for a heart patient? I’m not doctor, but aspiring has all sorts of clotting implications, so I would think it would be prescribed exceedingly cautiously in Chris’s case! No sane doctor would talk like this – I have two friends who are doctors (married to each other) and they talk about keeping their kids home from preschool because they’re “febrile” (not “they’re running fever”) – no doctor would be so sloppy in their self medication – or in their lies about their self-medication.

Katie noting that they are living in the Twilight Zone: “Reid was acting as your best friend.”

Chris: “He probably recognizes that I’ll get the job and he wants to get on my best side.” Yeah, right Chris.

Katie confirms: “You’re not going to turn cold on me are you?” then she invites him in; Chris accepts. Jacob is conveniently away, they snog. No fair!

Barbara and Emily, Henry and Paul, untying their girls. Barbara and Emily spill the beans – it was Iris. Will runs upstairs to tell Gwen who says Iris has packed her bags and is gone.

7.38pm GMT/2.38pm EDT

Reid and I were just debating the cardiology specialty – and they bring up John Dixon as one of the things they’re arguing about. Katie asking what’s wrong with Reid. Chris says he’s mad that he had to step in for me. Katie asks why and Chris stalls.

Bob tells Chris that if you don’t want this position you should say so. Chris says I was fine. Bob says no way. Kim and Katie says that Reid jumping in makes Reid look arrogant and perhaps Chris even planned it that way. Chris sets the record straight (thank you!) and says he was surprised and grateful that Reid jumped in. Chris orders a club soda and says he’d like to get out of there. He ducks and runs taking Katie with him. Huh? Bob wonders where the hell he’s going. “Either he doesn’t want the job or he thinks he already has it because he’s my son.” Bob gives up on Chris.

Kim and Bob argue about it. Kim saying Bob is being too harsh. Bob saying it’s always been his dream to have Chris follow in his footsteps but he has to deserve it.

Luke “what’s really going on here?” With Chris? You had the trustee eating out of your hands” and you jumped in to save his butt. Why?

Reid says to make it fair so he can beat him for real. Rooftop Luke (RL) says “Cut it out – you’re lying to me again.”

Reid asks if it’s back to that patient at the Lakeview again and RL says “Let’s not talk about the patient or Chris – this is about us. If there are lies….”

Reid tries again: “You’re overreacting…”

RL: “…and you’re lying.”

The “Because I have to” argument doesn’t work so Reid admits “Chris is the patient at the hotel. You’re the only one who knows.”


Henry and Paul find Barbara and Emily in a room filled with smoke.

Commercial break

7.30pm GMT/2.30pm EDT

Chris being a bumbling idiot in front of the Trustees. Luke tells Katie that Reid’s mopping the floor with his boyfriend. Kim and Bob noticing that there’s something seriously off with Chris. Chris is unable to put a coherent sentence together as the Trustees grill him and Reid jumps in and is TOTALLY generous in saying “why don’t you tell them what you told me – I wish I thought of it myself…” and then making up some mumbo jumbo about holistic stuff.  Reid tells Chris to go back to the hospital, stat, he needs a cardiologist and Katie overhears (preview scene).

Okay, if Reid actually stole a fellowship from Chris, they are now officially more than even.  Awwwww…..

Iris trying to wire Barbara’s money to herself. Barbara and Emily sniping, thinking they’re dying, explaining their motivations and then apologizing. Four musketeers (Will/Gwen/Henry/Paul) congregate at Fairwinds. The three boys are suspicious of Iris….then Paul smells smoke (preview scene)!

Commercial break

7.21pm GMT/2.21pm EDT

Iris playing the “poor abused me” card. Reid sees the Trustees and says “like a lamb to a slaughter.” Luke asks so what that makes me? And Reid says “Some tasty hot side dish?” (!) Luke blushes thanks.

Katie and Chris arrives. Luke suggests co-chairs. Chris jokes they wouldn’t last a week. Reid says not a shift. Katie says they should be friends. Bob arrives and is surprised they’re both there.

Chreid having their usual argument about telling Chris’s family and Katie while Luke and Katie watch in the background. Chris walks off and Luke approaches Reid curiously. Missed the line but will try to find it elsewhere.

Barbara and Emily panicking. 

Hubby home and starting the grill – not sure if I will make it to 2.54pm (ack!)

Commercial break.

7.07pm GMT/2.07pm EDT

The LuRe gods are definitely NOT with me today. Just lost the internet connection briefly.

Iris trying to convince Will and Gwen she’s stopped drinking. Will commenting on Iris’s clothes. Why did she tell Henry it was ‘cause Will said it was okay. Iris making all sorts of things up. Will asks Iris to take off Barbara’s clothes.

Henry and Paul searching for something to connect Iris to Barbara. Paul also says it’s weird she’s wearing Barbara’s clothes.

Luke calling out Reid. Reid says to get used to it – this won’t be the last time. Luke says “for using your practice to cover for your cheating?”

Reid asks who Luke’s source is and he tries to dodge it and Reid clarifies it’s important because it goes to credibility. Luke gives Noah’s story. Reid says if you can’t trust me then what do we have?  Luke apologizes for overreacting and says he’d like to go to the party since Reid won’t last 5 minutes without insulting the trustees.

Similar story at Katie’s.

Commercial break

7.00pm GMT/2.00pm EDT

Kim criticizing Bob’s choice in clothes wondering if Bob is nervous about Bob vs Reid. Bob

Chris asking why Katie wants to go to the Trustees party. Katie saying it doesn’t make sense since he was pushing her to go to Sweden.

Dang it – hubby has an hour slop time and calls during the Luke and Reid preview scene and babbles about how long it will take to start the grill.  Argggghhh! Snicks definitely does not have this problem.

Caught Luke asking Reid since when he treats patients at the Lakeview. Reid says it’s a special patient and Luke wants names. Reid says NO.

Iris Will and Gwen, Emily and Barbara screaming.

Opening logo.

Wednesday 8/18 6.57pm GMT/1.57pm EDT

Almost time….

Tuesday 8/17 3.15pm EDT

Once again, the fabulous smuchshypush is the speediest HD vidder in the East. In case today’s ep wasn’t enough to give your fill (hah, like we could EVER get enough?!), here’s tomorrow’s preview:

[tubepress video=M7BkT5BAzmE title=false description=false]

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  1. tLuRefan says:

    Thanks for your liveblog and thoughts always! 🙂

    I love every second that LuRe is on my screen! Loved the “hot tasty side dish” Reid comment to Luke, the “changing” comment, and the fact that Reid told Luke about Chris. I even found jealous Luke kinda cute.

    I just wish they had more airtime and more sweet, touching, kissing and maybe more than kissing scenes!!! I mean it’s less than a month now.

    Ugh! And the fact that they left us with knowing Katie/Chris were gonna make love at the end of the episode….frustrating.

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