Reid: Thanks to you, I am now stuck in Oakhell for a month. Do you realize how many surgeries I’m gonna have to postpone back in Dallas? Do you care that people might die?
Luke: Well, I’m sure they’ve got you covered. And if you need a surgery fix, Noah’s still here for you.
Reid: If you actually think that I would still even consider —
Luke: Well, you know, we do have your cell phone number. So we’ll call you for a consultation.

— Reid and Luke

Episode LiveBlog | 2 September 2010

10.09pm GMT/5.09pm EDT

Okay, the videos are starting to appear on YouTube. The only parts worth watching, from smuchshypush in HD:

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Full episode clips courtesy of AnthonyDLangford. Part 1:

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and Part 2:

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9.50pm GMT/4.50pm EDT

Tomorrow’s previews – Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WTF WTF WTF?

Reid tells Luke he’s going to Bay City to pick up that heart and make sure it ends up in Chris’s chest where it belongs.

Plus Luke comforts Kim and Henry shows up at Brad’s for Katie.

9.31pm GMT/4.31pm EDT

Kim crying at Chris’s bedside. Bob comes in. Reid watches from outside the room. Very sad music. Finally Luke arrives. They talk about Katie’s change of heart and why Reid told her to come back. Reid says something about if you love somebody you should be willing to take a chance. They call each Dr Oliver and Mr Snyder and it’s a very sweet scene. If this the intimate moment that gets interrupted, I’ll….

Trying to watch this again on the late livestream. Now hubby is relating his phone call.


Katie sobbing at Brad’s grave asking for strength.


Back to Kim and Bob in Chris’s room. Chris flatlines. Oh shit.

Commercial break.

9.20pm GMT/4.20pm EDT

Though it’s about half an hour behind this blog, you should be able to watch the the 4pm Mountain/Pacific livestream now at:

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  • Watch at 720×480

    Kim: It just dawned on me – you must be very happy. Chris is out of the running.

    Reid: I take no pleasure from your son’s condition.

    Kim: It’s a benefit. She’s really being a bitch to him!

    Reid: Do I want it yes. Do I want to get it if your son dies? No.

    Bob comes out and tells Kim to back off. Kim says Reid’s taking advantage of Chris. Bob explains that Chris forced Reid not to tell. Bob explains it all and Kim breaks down.

    Reid: It’s completely unnecessary. I can only imagine what you’re going through.

    Kim breaks down. Reid watches sadly with concern.


    John runs in to Luke.  John: Can I ask you something. Tell me about Dr Oliver – can he be trusted? Chris has a battle in front of him and he’s going to need all the resources he can get.

    Luke: When it comes to his job he will give you everything you need.  Luke smiles and the love shows.


    Reid arrives home. Katie asks how he is.  I’m an idiot when it comes to romance. I’m trying to correct a mistake. I seem to be making mistakes left and right.

    Katie: Reid will forgive you.

    Okay – shallow alert – but Reid’s still got two buttons open on his shirt.

    It’s stupid to avoid love because it scares you.

    If that happens, wouldn’t you like to be there for his last moment….If he has a chance to live, I think you would hate yourself for not being there…then get your butt back to the hospital where you belong. (!) He sounds like Luke!

    Tom and Margo call and Tom says they think they have a lead. They’re still in Springfield but the heart’s in Bay City. This is a nice nod to Guiding Light (Springfield) and Another World (Bay City), ATWT’s now-defunct sister soaps from P&G. Thank you P&G/Telenext, for killing all three.


    Bob and Kim consoling each other. Bob being so dignified. As much as I hate this storyline, they’ve done a nice job showing lots of Bob and Kim and contrasting the way they’re reacting to the news. Too bad it’s all wasted on that loser Chris Hughes…


    Katie: What caused the change of heart?

    Reid: Luke was slapping me around earlier – metaphorically speaking.

    Katie: Good for him.

    Reid: You’re only saying that because you’re not getting beat up.

    Katie: Luke is worth it.

    Reid: So is Chris….So why are you standing here, get over to the hospital. 

    Reid’s phone rings and he says he needs to get there for another case. Katie says she has something to do first.

    I think he blew her a kiss on the way out!  WTF where is Luke?!?!

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!  This was SO not the episode I was expecting. Another mostly wasted hour. *sigh*

    Commercial break.

    9.05pm GMT/4.05pm EDT

    Ack! Half over and Luke and Reid aren’t even in the same room!  At least they’re in the same building? No, no, no, no!  Living in denial here….

    Interesting – there was a Luke in the promo bumper, but no Luke and Noah (though Henry and Vienna were still in there). Is that a change?

    Also, while we have a minute, let me bump the Eric Sheffer Stevens/Doctors without Borders fundraising campaign.

    Katie: I don’t blame you for being angry with me.

    Kim: I’m not angry with you, just the situation.

    Katie: The only person who can tell me to stay away is Chris and he hasn’t done that.

    Kim: He will allow you to draw on his strength and I can’t afford to let you do that.

    Katie: I can do that.

    Kim: Then you should be by his side….let the people who really love him, who are strong enough….take care of him….

    BTW, Kathryn Hays is rocking her scene her. Chris doesn’t deserve her.

    Katie: I can do this…I just need time… Please believe me.  She’s sounding desperate. I’m not sure

    Kim: All I can do is beg you to stop making a choice. Look into your heart and find out if you’re in a place in your life where you can bear this pain without turning away. I love you and I will not love you any less if you can’t. Wow, that was a great scene for Kim.


    Reid to Bob: He asked me to keep quiet. As his physician I had no choice….I asked him to tell you, but he refused.

    Bob: You called in John Dixon – it was the right thing to do. It’s what I would have done.

    Reid: I know you’re angry and frustrated but I made the best decisions I could and I won’t apologize for it. If you’re upset, take it up with Chris. Reid rocks. Still. Always.


    Luke: It’s a mistake keeping Katie away. But I can’t argue with you.

    Bob enters: I’d like a minute with my son.

    Luke: I’ll check in with you later.

    Chris: If I’m still around.

    Luke: You’d better be.

    Bob asks how long Chris has known.

    Chris: This time, a few weeks.

    Bob: You should have told me

    Chris: Why would I want to worry you.

    Bob: Because I’m your father and a doctor.

    Chris says something about letting Bob down and Bob says he’s proud of Chris.

    Bob: I’m embarrassed because I doubted your commitment.


    Katie arrives home and sees a photo of her and Brad on the table. More crying.  She pulls out a picture of her and Brad and sinks into the couch crying.

    Where the frak are Luke and Reid?

    Commercial break.

    8.55pm GMT/3.55pm EDT

    Katie says she was sorry and that she saw them at the hospital. Kim is surprised that she didn’t come in. Katie says, “It’s almost too much to bear.” Kim tells her he really needed her.


    WTF – Luke in Chris’s room. This is not a good sign for any private time with Reid before Chris crashes. *headdesk*

    Luke: I know Katie really wanted to be here for you and Reid sent her home to pull herself together.

    Chris: She’ll be forced to sit here and watch me withering away.

    Luke: You have a right to be selfish right now.

    Chris: I’ve been selfish most of my life.

    Luke: You deserve to have the people who love you around you.

    Chris: I’m glad she left.


    Reid to John “You have time to sit around reading?”

    John reviewing charts.

    Reid: I didn’t realize Chris had the luxury of time.

    John: I thought you were a neurosurgeon.

    Reid basically tells him to hurry up; John tells him to back off. Bob walks in as they’re arguing.

    Are you questioning Dr Dixon’s capabilities?

    Bob: I know you have a healthy disrespect for authority and you like to do things your own way and I’ve allowed that to a point even when it wasn’t in my best in my best interest…I’ve tried to be a friend.

    Reid: I’ve appreciated it.

    Bob: My son might die; you knew. You chose to keep it a secret and I want to now from you why I wasn’t told.


    Kim telling Katie she likes her but was surprised that she got involved. Katie says Chris helped her to move on, but Kim isn’t biting (who would?). Kim then tells her to stay away from Chris if she really loves him.

    Commercial break.

    8.46pm GMT/3.46pm EDT

    Sheesh – the commercial break seemed unusually long.

    Ohhh…Tom and Margo and Chris are talking about transplants. Chris is wondering why he should jump the queue and Tom says he’ll use every connection he has to get him an advantage.

    Sneak peek scene with Bob and Kim. Kim wondering how they missed it and Bob noting that Chris went out of his way to hide his illness. Both of them observe that the other is no longer a spring chicken and has “health issues of your own.” Bob convinces Kim to go home while he stands watch.  They part with a little kiss (oh yeah, they’re straight – of COURSE they get to kiss).


    Luke: Yes, I did tell Noah that I was in love with you. Honestly right now I don’t feel much of that!

    Reid: That’s because you’re overreacting.

    Luke gives him a combo Gibbs headslap/noogie! (but it’s a nice gentle one)

    Luke (trying to keep a straight face): Don’t be cute because I’m very angry at you now (Reid also struggling to keep a straight face). – but you could tell me you love me whenever you want.

    Reid: You wouldn’t believe me if I said it right bow because you’d think I’m just trying to diffuse your anger.

    Okay, I guess that qualifies as Reid has a surprising reaction!

    Luke agrees. Thankfully, he does not look devastated.

    Reid: Try to see Katie’s situation from my POV.

    Luke: What if Chris dies tonight…she’ll never get a chane – did you ever think of that.


    John explaining to Tom and Margo that there are other people in line. “You do what you want but I do NOT want to know the details.”


    Kim goes to WOAK and finds Katie watching the video.

    8.35pm GMT/3.35pm EDT

    Bob and Kim scolding Chris for being an idiot. Thank you. Tom and Margo cheerleading “we’ll do everything we can.” Choppy crappy sound quality. Grrr…..Bob asks how long Chris has been ill and instead of saying “for years” Chris says “long enough.” John is actually being really kind and professional. Very….Reid-like.  Kim notices Katie is missing – where is she?

    Katie is at the studio watching tapes of her final broadcast with Chris.


    Java! Luke comes in following Reid – why is it you run away anytime someone says something you don’t like.

    Do I have to answer this?

    Yes, you do – for me.

    Reid: There’s only so much pain a person should be asked to deal with….I live with Katie. I see how she’s still mourning for Brad. Nancy just passed away.

    Luke: I think you’re projecting. You’re the one who can’t handle emotional overload. That’s why you can’t give your heart 100% to anything or anyone and you want everyone else to act the same way.

    Reid: Thank you, Dr Freud.

    Luke: You run away when things get too sensitive…you run away.

    Reid: It’s called a defense mechanism but it’s what keeps me sane.

    Luke: It also keeps you from being able to love.

    There’s a lot more here that I didn’t catch. Pre-episode, a lot of people were hypothesizing that Reid was being a jerk. I don’t think he was being a jerk or dense. He comes across as acting out of genuine concern for Katie and Chris, and just happens to have a different POV from Luke. That’s fair game, in my book.

    Reid: What’s that got to do with it? 

    Luke: For you, apparently nothing. I can’t believe I just told Noah I’m in love with you.…I guess I just need a stronger defense mechanism.

    Preview scene. Luke stomps off in a huff. His words register with Reid.

    Reid: Hold the phone!?

    Reid follows Luke out of Java and stops him. He is definitely trying to squelch a smile.

    Reid: What did you say to Noah?


    Blah blah blah Tom Margo Chris. Missed that scene entirely. Who cares?

    Commercial break.

    8.32pm GMT/3.32pm EDT

    Too much caffeine, too little sleep, a delayed livestream and anxiety-provoking spoilers (or lack thereof) do not make for a good combination. I feel like Chris Hughes.

    B&B closing logo has played – credits rolling…. Here we go….

    8.29pm GMT/3.29pm EDT

    Bridget (B&B) is going into labor. Looks like it’s about time for a cliffhanger, so we may be in business!  It’s almost time…

    8.01pm GMT/3.01pm EDT

    Could paint dry any slower? Could water boil at a more leisurely pace?

    7.26pm GMT/2.26pm EDT

    Okay, I’m officially pathetic ;P. Since there’s not much else I can do LuRe related other than watch YouTube, I just stopped in on the blog admin panel and noticed that the hotline thread is still getting a number of hits, which gave me all the incentive I needed to call ATWT to tell them that choosing TODAY to have a delayed stream was cruel and inhuman punishment as far as LuRe fans are concerned. That there were certainly hundreds and possibly thousands affected, and at a minimum there were dozens freaking out on Facebook and LRO. Grrr……

    7.22pm GMT/2.22pm EDT

    So, where was I?  Nervous? Excited? Nervous? Excited?  I don’t think I’ve looked forward to an hour of television this much since I May 2008 Season 3.5 cliffhanger on Battlestar Galactica.  And since I was watching the episodes back to back on DVD at that point, I only had to wait long enough to pull out the next boxed set of DVDs to get gratification.

    Speaking of which….

    7.19pm GMT/2.19pm EDT

    Okay, after cramming in work like crazy today so I’d be free to watch today’s episode live (and finding myself both starving and parched at that point), I now find myself twiddling my thumbs since for the first time, in months, I have a reason not to troll all the LuRe boards. It’s been a long time since I’ve watched an episode with all the daily details spoiled, and I like it that way.

    I think this is god’s way of telling me to be productive for the next 100 minutes. Such a strange feeling.  This must be what September 18th will feel like…..

    7.13pm GMT/2.13pm EDT

    Crap!  ALL livestreams are two hours behind, so I’ll be watching the west coast airing and blogging it then.  In the meantime, avoiding spoilers….See you in just under 2 hours.   (Ack! These two hours can NOT pass quickly enough!)

    7.02pm GMT/2.02pm EDT

    Nervous? Excited? Nervous? Excited? 

    Hey, are they running late? Today of all days?  Hey – WTF – there are more scenes of Ashley and Victor showing? How can Y&R be on? Are they running late, or has channelsurfing switched to a west-coast stream?  Argghhh!

    Hey, TVPC is showing Jack Abbott as well. WTF?

    6.52pm GMT/1.52pm EDT

    Okay – here with a (so far, touch wood) working livestream.  As a reminder, livestreams at:

  • CBS | ShadowNet
  • Watch CBS
  • TVPC
  • NEW ONE:


    And if you get desperate, you can watch the 4pm Mountain/Pacific livestream at:

  • Watch at 1080×720
  • Watch at 720×480

    10.12am GMT/5.12am EDT

    Today’s sneak peek is up too, thanks to MrFixIt (all Bob and Kim):

    Could not parse XML from YouTube

    8.09am GMT/3.09am EDT

    Four episodes this week?! I don’t think this has ever happened before!  It’s a good morning.

    Today’s epic preview, in Full HD, thanks to smuchshypush:

    Could not parse XML from YouTube

    NOTE, Sep 3: Pre-blog entries regarding similarities between this episode and Nuke’s storyline have been moved to a an article on the endgame and the associated official spoilers. Sorry for the confusion.

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