Damian: You said he doesn’t want to take the case.
Luke: He said it ‘bored him.’
Damian: That’s new.

— Damian and Luke

Episode Liveblog | 2 August 2, 2010

2.08pm EDT

Finally! I’m here. And watching. Not easy. BRB.

I am staying with my newly moved, retired parents. They’ve been in their house now for almost 2 weeks and they still have no phone and no internet service!  Arghhh!  So it took awhile to ditch the kids and get to the library where I am enjoying air conditioning and the livestream.

So, so far, catching up on other live threads, I can tell I missed a doozy of a scene.  Described on LRO as Reid being exhausted after a long surgery; Luke asking Reid to the wedding and Reid saying something about a shower (widespread interpretation about the participants in said shower!)….

2.09pm EDT

Craig, Lily, and Holden. All wondering WTF Holden is doing in France chasing after Lily on his wedding day.

Carly and Jack talking about Holden and Lily, um Molly.  Parker being attentive and noting that there’s subtext.

Luke looking yummy, pasted to Reid’s shoulder trying to convince him to go to the wedding. Great stuff here. Trying to get it all down since I’m watching on the same screen that I’m typing on so I can’t watch and type at the same time.

Reid complaining about how it’s a bunch of pompous baloney. Luke flat out asking "does that mean you don’t believe in love"? Reid not biting and saying he doesn’t believe in people making vows they can’t keep. Wow – right on! Way to go right after that topic! I don’t think they’d drop that bit of foreshadowing without more good stuff to come!  Yay, LuRe!

Luke tries pulling the "it’ll be our first time out in public together" card. Reid says, if you want to be seen in public together, he will take Luke out to dinner, they can get a table in the center of the restaurant and hold hands. 🙂

Luke then tries the "do it for me" card, and tells Reid it’s a good thing he’s a brain surgeon not a marriage counselor. Reid replies if he were, he’d save everyone a lot of heartache, and if he doesn’t get some sleep, he won’t be able to do his day job very well. End of story. Sad Luke.

2.18pm EDT

Carly and Molly. Thank you for at least acknowledging why Emma would miss Holden’s 8th wedding. Something blue is sapphire earrings from Emma. Something old is a sentimental feather from Carly and Jack’s (first?) wedding in Montana.

Holden and Lily talking about how Lucinda talked Holden into coming.

Jack at PD – sees weather forecast, realizes Holden will be late.

Luke arrives at the farm alone. Molly says she and Holden are being old-fashioned and spending the night before apart (at least Molly’s not trying to hide a foam baby like Vienna). Luke and Abby bond – Luke thought Holden would end up with his mom; Abby thought Holden would never end up with her mom. She asks Luke if it’s weird for him. Luke says he just wants Holden to be happy. Abby is surprised because Luke looks unhappy. He says it has nothing to do with the wedding. Carly goes to help Molly get ready.

Jack says hi to all, looks for Carly. Jack tells Carly that there’s weather trouble. Molly overhears. CarJack fess up. Ethan and Nathalie come in with flowers.

No LuRe this act 🙁

2.30pm EDT

Luke and Abby trying to figure out what the heck Holden was thinking. They commiserate about love being complicated. Reid walks in on cue. Reid: "I knew it was going to be low key, but where is everybody?"

Abby introduces herself and says "You must be Noah." Reid replies, "No" and introduces himself as "Doctor Reid Oliver." Abby stammers and asks, so you two are…. and Luke says do you want to explain?

Reid says, sure, grabs Luke in the most incredibly sexy and possessive way, drags him to his side (thought he was going to do a big tango dip and kiss…well, not really, but they had momentum and a girl can dream…) and says "Don’t make it complicated. Luke and I are together." Woo hoo!

2.40pm EDT

More Lilden/CarJack/Molly hand wringing. CarJack argue about how crazy Holden is and who he belongs with.

Reid asks Luke and Abby, so WHY did Holden fly to France to be with his ex-wife on his wedding day? They say "it’s complicated" in stereo. He says, that’s why I avoid family gatherings. Luke says, "you came to this one" and Reid says there were "mitigating circumstances." They exchange adorable grins while Abby looks between the two.

Molly comes out and asks, Dr Oliver , why are you here? Luke says, "he’s with me" and Molly doesn’t skip a beat in saying "welcome" but things are kind of on hold. Reid says he’s playing catch up and Molly says aren’t we all.

Parker and Faith talking. Faith gets Parker to admit he thinks she’s hot. Molly comes by and they figure out there’s something up (Parker says his parents were acting weird).

Lilden turbulence – the aerodynamic kind and the pilot announces they’re being diverted to Montreal. Uh oh.

2.50pm EDT
CarJack, Luke,  and Abby talking strategy at the Snyder kitchen table. Reid spies sad Molly through the window and makes his way outside (without being noticed). He gives her a pep talk starting with "they thought Luke and Noah would be forever." Molly says lucky for you they weren’t. Reid observes that the people in Oakdale change partners like he changes socks. But he convinces her to go back in.

She puts on a brave face and says let’s start backwards and break out the sparkling cider. THANK YOU for remembering that there are not one, but two alcoholics in this small party of 10 or so.

Luke asks Reid what he said to Molly and Reid says basically that love sucks. They share  another nice moment.

2.55pm EDT

Preview – they’re on tomorrow! Sounds like they’re talking about whether they could be it!

Bring on the airtime! It’s about freakin’ time!

4 Responses to “Episode Liveblog | 2 August 2, 2010”

  1. tLuRefan says:

    I love your blog!!

    So descriptive and love reading your thoughts on things while they are happening or being said 🙂

  2. mallukumari says:

    Thanx for the liveblog…Live stream was acting up between some scenes for me….so it was nice to get a recap for the scenes at least

  3. dutchnukelover says:

    okay, officially dying here. Cant see the show live, so have to wait for either Bombay or Anthony to upload to youtube, but the blog already made my whole week!! All those wonderful reid and Lure moments, aaaarrrggh!and to know there’s more to come this week! it really is my birthday this week!WOOHOO!

    • lovelure says:

      Mine was recently passed as well, and it was during a LuRe-free week, so I’m looking at the entire month of August as a belated birthday present myself! Glad someone got some use out of this. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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