I’m done dealing with you and your boyfriend. If I wanted somebody to follow me around here, I’d get a dog or an intern.R

— Reid (to Noah)

Episode Liveblog | 3 August 2010

3.45pm EDT

Okay, just the best part. I’m linking to smuchshypush’s slo-mo version, because let’s face it, even in slo-mo, it’s only 30 seconds.

[tubepress video=tOD5vVNMiSE title=false description=false]

12.00pm EDT

Okay, after the cyberhell that was yesterday and this morning, I think I may have died and gone to LuRe heaven.

After squeeing quietly on a hard bench at the local library, I spent 30 minutes on hold with my parents’ phone provider this morning and am now the happy and relieved user of a brand new DSL connection. To make things even better, I thought I would be waiting until the cable service was hooked up tomorrow before I had broadband access, so having access for today’s episode is a big bonus!

I am also trialing Windows Live Writer, a blogging client, which hopefully will suffer from fewer of the technical glitches that cripple WordPress’s otherwise wonderful product. 

Last, the cherry on top of my sundae is that I am only now finally able to download the July 26th episode (for some reason it wouldn’t download before today). Added with smuchshypush’s awesome full HD version of yesterday’s episode, and the fact I may get to see this week’s episodes on a real TV via DVR and I am one VERY happy mollusk.

Happy LuResDay, everyone!

12.18pm EDT

In the five-second clip of LuRe that aired as part of the preview of today’s episode that aired at the end of yesterday’s episode, Reid says something  like “Do you think we are right/ready” and Luke nods seriously, smiles, and replies, “I think we could be.”

Whether Reid says “right” or “ready” is being hotly debated on LRO. Personally, I heard “right” the first time, and when I reviewed the clip on YouTube (many times, just to be sure) I still see and hear “right” though “ready” seems to make more sense in the context of published spoilers.  While you’re waiting for 2pm EDT, you can judge for yourself here (thanks to ADL):

[tubepress video=1VvA1xpMvBU description=false title=false]

2.00pm EDT

Here we go!

Craig yelling at Lucinda about the phantom perfume factory. Craig figures out that she set it all up to get Holden to go after Lily.

Holden and Lily trying to talk a private pilot into taking them to Oakdale. She realizes how much he loves Molly.

Molly, LuRe and Abigail making the best of the situation at the Farm.  Just a glimpse of them through the window, being social. (Reid working on his people skills, though we can’t hear any of it). CarJack marvelling at how well Molly is taking things. Carly says she’s faking it. Carly gets an idea. “Molly is going to marry Holden Snyder today if it kills me.”

Lily tries to make the pilot an offer he can’t refuse. She offers him a diamond necklace Holden gave her that would buy him a small chunk of Saskatchewan (if only I could spell that).

Brief logo screen.

Pilot considers and says, “Prepare to board in five minutes.”

Holden asks why Lily did it – she says because he has a bride waiting for him.

Commercial break.

2.07pm EDT

Carly’s up to something. Sends kids to Lakeview, Luke to call minister. She orders Molly andAbby upstairs to go get dressed and conveniently trips on the stairs. Reid says, “I’m gonna grab a snack.” 🙂 LOL

Craig asks Lucinda how long she knew he was partners with Lily. Crucinda accuse each other of being Lily’s biggest problem.

Lilden at the airport. Lily says she has held onto the diamond for too long – she needed to do it for him. She’s trying to let go – first time I’ve liked Lily in a long time. Luke and Molly helping Carly. Jack trying to keep from cracking up at Carly’s ruse. I’m trying to see Reid’s face in the background, but the screen is only 2” in diameter so I can barely see his face.

Someone says we need a doctor, and camera finally pans close enough so I can get a good look. Reid is stuffing his face. Reid (with his mouth full) mutters – “Me?” Luke beckons to him, “Yeah, you.” Reid wanders over (doesn’t put down the plate), and still with his mouth full, mutters, “It looks fine to me, it’s not even swollen.” LOL again. And Carly says, “No offense but you’re a brain surgeon.”

Carly insists Jack take her to the hospital. She says she really hurt it and he-man Jack (I mean G-man Jack) picks her up and carries her off.

Nice Abby and Molly moment. They joke about rigging the garter so Jack gets it and she hands the bouquet to Carly so CarJack can have their predestined happily ever after.

Commercial break

2.19pm EDT

Abby admiring Molly in her dress.

Abby is trying not to throw rain on Molly’s parade but it turns out Molly’s latest squeeze is married. Molly, being surprisingly wise says, “Don’t you ever settle and hold on until you get someone who is yours, all yours. Just like you did.” They hug, but Molly doesn’t look convinced.

Craig tells Lucinda he’s ruining Lily’s life and leaves. Blackthorne comes out of hiding in Lucinda’s closet.

Lucinda tells Blackthorne to go and deliver the coup de grace. Then she says to herself, “Craig’s ruined. Lily’s saved.” And before I can even finish the thought, she says, “All in a day’s work.” Can you thought-jinx a character on TV?

CarJack at hospital. Carly’s pleased that she’s bought Holden some time to get back.

A lot can change in a day (hour).

Lily drops off Holden at the Farm. Nobody’s there. Lily leaves. Holden sees Molly alone – in jeans and a T-shirt. Holden asks Molly why she’s not at the wedding. Molly says “there isn’t going to be one.”

Commercial break – are the scenes getting shorter and shorter, or is it just my imagination? Who’s paying for all this ad time on America’s lowest rated soap anyways?

2.28pm EDT

Jack still trying to convince Carly that Lilden are meant to be. Jack’s phone rings – it’s Abby. He looks surprised.

Molly crying (again). Holden is sounding surprisingly like Lily. Confused. Waffling. Not sure why he went. Didn’t want to lie to Molly. Not sure why he went. Still trying to convince Molly to go through with the wedding. She asks many of the right questions including: “Would Lily have been okay if you hadn’t gone?” and “Why didn’t you just say no?”

“You chose her. You did. You might not realize it, she might not realize it. But I do.”

I can make you happy, but I can’t be happy waiting for the next time Lily is going to need you.

I chose you – let me be your husband. Let me give you the life youv’e always wanted. I want to promise to love you forever – let me do that. Give me the chance.

Luke at the LakeView telling Faith and Parker that Abby told him Molly called it off. Faith starts doing the happy dance against her better instincts as she asks if mom and dad are getting back together.

Nathalie asks Reid when Molly’s gonna marry daddy. Ethan asks then when. Luke is LOVING watching Reid squirm with the kids. SUCH a sparkly Luke smile. Reid does an adorable “hop down” to help Ethan down from his stool.

Lily gets home to the LilyPad. She says she lost her factory and Holden for good. Lucinda is there to mop up the tears. Lily says she doesn’t want Lucinda to help her.

Blackthorne stops Craig in Old Town and asks about the money he loaned Craig to invest in Lily and Carly’s perfume factory, which doesn’t really exist. Did you catch all that? Blackthorne calls his loan – I need it

Commercial break

2.40pm EDT

Craig babbling to buy himself time. Blackthorne sounding like a mob guy. Craig saying “You’re a legitimate money man, not a thug.” Blackthorne threatens Johnny. Okay, if I couldn’t stand Blackthorne before because he’s an outsider, he’s an unnecessary character, he’s unlikeable, and he’s stealing airtime from Luke and Reid, now I’m ready to run over him with a bloody freight train.

Somehow Lucinda knows before Lily that Molly cancelled the wedding. “What did you do? Did you tell Holden to go to France because I was in trouble?” Lucinda gloats. “Don’t forget to thank me.”

Molly telling Holden she can’t stay. “I am done with married men. Ring or no ring you are the most married man I’ve ever known….I’d prefer to be with someone who’s all mine; somebody I don’t want to share with somebody else. When I think about the example I’ve set for Abigail it makes me sick.”

THANK YOU.  Molly – I love you.  That was the best line you’ve ever uttered. Yes, you’re leaking like a sieve, but for once, you deserve it. Put it in your Emmy reel, Lesli.

Molly gives Holden his ring back, shakes her head and leaves.

Cut to Luke and Reid in the honeymoon suite at the Lakeview.

Reid observes, “This is a nice room. It’s got cable right?” Reid tests the bedsprings. He COMPLETELY puts the moves on poor (yeah, right) Luke.

“You want to hang out here. You must be exhausted. First you had to calm Abigail down then you had to watch the kids…” (tired, bed)

Reid rambles and I can’t hear a bloody word because my three-year-old wandered in with the world’s loudest singing pizzamaking Elmo. But I caught bits about kids…sleep date….sleepover….(more bed allusions?)….take a breath.

Luke is babbling about packing up stuff to take back to the Farm (because of course, somebody desperately needs it all for that wedding and honeymoon that aren’t taking place)….really about anything except for the fact that he’s trapped in a hotel room with an incredibly horny boyfriend.

Aside: I get the feeling that the babysitting scene was originally longer and was cut because the 2.4 second scene with the kids neither qualified as babysitting – they were in the Lakeview lobby with other adults – and was so short it couldn’t have possibly warranted a spoiler of its own. So instead of Reid/kids adorableness, we got Craig/Blackthorne. UGH.

Luke tells Reid he did great with all the people stuff today and the kids loved him (Reid mutters, when they weren’t yelling). Reid leans in for a VERY well deserved kiss and…GACK! BONK! (ouch my head still hurts from hitting it on my keyboard)…Luke freakin’ turns his head to the side!

Okay – NOW I’M PISSED. Not only is Elmo louder than all get-go, but I can NOT believe Luke turned away from the kiss!  Okay, I’m a patient girl. Really patient. And I’ve been willing to cut the show some slack as they get the Occupant episodes out of the way. And I get that Luke’s a little shy, but even I have my limits.  AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!

2.48pm EDT

More Luke and Reid in the rapidly shrinking hotel room. Luke looks at the bed that is threatening to gobble him alive. He reminds Reid (again) that he’s only been with Noah (Reid begrudgingly says he knows) and then has the nerve to point to the bed and tell Reid that he associates “all that” with Noah. Gee thanks, Luke. Even I could live without that imagery. You’re gonna give even Dr Ego a complex if you keep going.

Bits of conversation that were hard to hear thanks to pizza-Elmo, but I caught parts about “us” being a success (Luke contrasting the disaster of a wedding with their new publicly-acknowledged relationship) and something about it having to be “right,” confirming that the preview was about whether they are right for each other.

Reid calls him Victorian (deservedly so) and Luke says he needs time. Reid says patience is not his strong event. Luke asks “aren’t you gonna ask me how much time?

2.51pm EDT

Luke asks if it would help if he would give Reid some encouragement along the way.

Camera pans down. They’re both in dark suits and I’m assuming they’re panning to hands, but for a moment I can’t see anything an visions of waistbands and belt buckles flash through my head.  But no, it’s just hands. Tightly grasped hands, from what I can tell.

And about freakin’ time – Luke pulls Reid in for a kiss. Definitely not a totally hot makeout snog like either the I Can’t or Babbling kisses, but we have full on contact with minor hair grabbing (by Luke, of course), and the kiss ends naturally without any cellblocking, docblocking, or other interruptions.

Luke completely has his “tease” smile going full-force before and after the kiss, though as the ESS Crew’s orangecrush points out, “This is not teasing, Luke. This is torture, plain and simple.” More encouragement, please!

Luke asks if that buys him any time? Reid lifts his hand and makes universal sign language sign for “just a smidgen – but you’re on borrowed time, kid.”

2.55pm EDT

Previews: Henry figures out he heard Barbara in Jacob’s baby monitor. Paul looking horrified that Will/Gwen want Iris to move in with him. Barbara ranting about Iris. Katie asking Chris why he wants to be COS and Chris asking her, “why do you think.” No LuRe, so see you all on YouTube the next few days….

3.05pm EDT Post-mortem

The good news: Reid eating. Reid eating and talking. Reid interacting with the family (esp. the kids, for the 2.4 seconds, or whatever) and looking like he fits in. And I get to reset the kiss clock – though I better be resetting it weekly at this point.

I am convinced that they would not devote as much airtime to these guys talking about their relationship if they are not going to consummate it….eventually, before the show ends. It could be off-screen, but I am still optimistic. I think they’re playing it coy and cautiously, but that they wouldn’t set it up the way they are if they were just going to chicken out completely. *keeping fingers crossed*

And yes. I love Windows Live Writer. I can easily move it to the side so I can watch the livestream and type at the same time. And it doesn’t freeze. Thank heavens for small miracles.

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  1. Kim says:

    Hey Lovelure:

    Haven’t gotten to read your episode blogs but couldn’t resist watching the kiss again. Been so busy but plan on coming back to read as I always enjoy your blogs.

    Anyway the kiss in slow motion… Really!! That was an unexpected treat to die for **thud**.

    Thanks for starting off my day right…


  2. dutchreidlover says:

    *anxiously awaiting your blog*

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